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HERO Odysea is Dubai’s first self-drive boat tour giving you the incredible opportunity to experience what it’s like to Captain your own boat on a thrilling adventure along Dubai’s iconic coastline. We want you to follow in the footsteps of Heroes like Ibn Battuta and Amilia Earhart by taking control of your travel experience.

This boat tour was designed for the adventurous types who prefer to sightsee Dubai’s iconic coastline in a more exhilarating way. Reach speeds up to 50km/h on this fun and safe boating adventure. This 90-minute guided tour gives you the opportunity to take control of your travel experience and Captain your own boat. Stop along the way and get some perfect snaps of Dubai’s most famous landmarks. As fun as a jet ski but safer, the untippable HERO boats are for the whole family. The idea is to become a hero, conquer the ocean and be the master of your own vessel!


  • Option as Single or double rider are available
  • The guided tour runs on the morning and afternoon. It is 2 hours in total with 90 minutes on the water.
  • 30am | 10.30am | 14.30pm
  • No Boat License Required!


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