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Dubai, UAE



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9 hours


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The objective of the tour is to give you a glimpse about how people lived in the past before the Union and before the discovery of oil in the Emirate of Dubai, when it was a Pearl diving village and a regional hub for trade between the Arabian gulf and Indian subcontinent and other cities.
We will walk you through days of lore to see, feel and experience how the people lived and leveraged the available resources that their environment provided.
You will also get to touch how we Emiratis have a strong sense of community and social values.
Throughout the journey we will touch upon elements that cover numerous crafts and you will experience how we Emiratis host our guests.
In the end you will feel closer to our culture and we hope that you grace us with a second visit in the future


  • Visit Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House
  • Walk Through Heritage Village of Dubai to get better understanding about Tradition Occupation People of UAE used to do, Housing Models they used to live in and Traditional Food and way of making it
  • A ride on the traditional abra boat across scenic Dubai Creek
  • A visit to the Spice and Gold Souks, with tantalising scents and shimmering jewellery
  • Visit Al Ahmadieh Heritage Guest House which has been built in the style of a traditional Arabic Heritage House with a typical central courtyard.
  • Visit Al Ahmadyah School which was founded and established by His Eminence, the late Sheikh Ahmed bin Dalmouk in 1912.
  • Optional: Lunch at Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Centre for Culture understanding


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